Sunday, January 6, 2013

Naked Basics First Impression

SO, I did it. I bought it! I was debating whether to get the Naked 2 or Basics. I ended up buying this one because, A. I still have plenty of my warm shimmery Naked palette left and B. The basics was cheaper. Now, you could probably go to another (million) blogs with amazing lighting and swatches but here are my horrid swatches anyways :)

The 1st thing I really really like how I don't own any of these colors! Haha All the colors are smooth and velvety, almost like butter. Seriously amazing quality guys! The color I will probably get the most wear out of i'm guessing would be Tease. It's similar to Buck from the original Naked palette but a bit cooler. This palette in general, and in my opinion are cooler tones just as the Naked 2 are. I still love all these colors regardless of warm or cool tones.

I believe this palette was 32$ (Canadian of course) And I think it was a total bang for my buck! (Get it? Buck? like the color I like the most? Harharhar) Especially since I love any Matte finish makeup.

Do you think it's work the money to buy the Basics if you have the original or the 2nd? What do you think about it in general?


Unknown said...

I love the colours but I dont think I'll be getting the palette. I have plenty of matte neutrals already :(



Anonymous said...

This is my first all matte eye shadow palette! It wasn't too expensive so I was happy about that :) What matte shadow brands do you own?

Hola Bambi said...

I really really want this!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's SO worth it! I've used it almost every day since I bought it!