Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: Forever21 Lipsticks

So it’s safe to say that this month there will be TONS of beauty reviews. I've been loving so many products lately its unbelievable! To kick of a review I thought I would make a post about the underdogs of lipsticks from Forever 21. These lipsticks retail for $3.80 in Canada. There isn't a very definite selection and it’s hard to even see the colors of the lipsticks in the package. The gold packaging may appear very pretty but it’s cheap and plastic-y. The tubes are a bit shorter then a MAC lipstick but all that being said....THEY ARE AMAZING!

Seriously guys, the pigmentation and staying power of these lipsticks are incredible! You may need to reapply them once or twice throughout the night but for a very cheap lipstick what are you really expecting anyways?! The names of the colors I own shown below are Magenta and Rose. I looked up the color selection of their lipsticks online and there are 5 Shimmering Lipsticks which includes the colors Magenta, Cherry, Rose, Light Pink and Neutral. There are also 2 Matte Lipsticks in Rose and Pink. (I believe both of the lipsticks I own are from the Shimmering Lipstick shades) There are other types of lipsticks that you can check out here.

These lipsticks are so affordable that it is not hard for me to walk into a Forever 21 and not check them out. I suggest if you are on a budget and like to try new products to get them! Super affordable and they go on smooth and butter-y and are super long wearing, especially if you wear a lip liner underneath!

(Top - Magenta, Bottom - Rose)

Have you tried the lipsticks from Forever 21? Or any other of they're beauty products? Be sure to let me know! :)


Imogen said...

Really pretty colours

Anonymous said...

Thanks girly xx

Tanya said...

Great post! I never expected good makeup products to come from forever21. I definitely need to try it out. x

Tanya from Cats and Clothing
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Anonymous said...

Yeah you have too! It was super surprising for me too!

mintyessence said...

I love the packaging of them and the colours suit you especially Rose :)

(I am currently running a giveaway)


Anonymous said...

Thanks doll :)

Unknown said...

I don't have any forever21s near me so I doubt I can get my hands on them. That being said, beautiful colours! I especially love Rose.


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Anonymous said...

Try ordering online!! I heard that F21 shipments are pretty good :)Thanks lovely and i'll for sure take a look!!

Hola Bambi said...

Magenta is sooo nice xx

Anonymous said...

You should try them out!