Sunday, October 25, 2015

Check off your days

I have a whiteboard calendar in my bedroom, uni schedule, work things, family stuff, birthdays, due dates and anything else that needs to be scheduled are written down (I can be miss.forgetful at times). I look at that board every time i'm in my bedroom, which is a lot, and several months ago I noticed that I crossed off the days with an X and something inside of me question that. The X suggested a thought like "finally, this day is over" and when I looked at my calendar mid way through the month, it was kind of sad looking because of all the X's, the crossed out days. The optimistic side of me was asking myself why don't I check off the days to suggest a thought like "today has been completed". This was a very small change that I made in my life and it was something that I shared with my friend who remembered this change I made (and reminded me of it yesterday) and told me that it had an influence in her life. Made me feel pretty darn good about myself. 

So I guess what i'm saying is, don't X cross your days off, check them off.  

Obsessed with this sweater weather

My camera was on and this was the shot and it's cool okay?

Aesthetic, am I right ladies?

Lot's of hard work happened this weekend...

A very important prezi was created

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