Sunday, May 5, 2013

Matte MAC Lipsticks

There are many loves of my life. Matte MAC lipsticks happen to be one of them. I am seriously gaga over this formula by MAC and I can guarantee you that my matte lipstick collection will be forever growing

The three that I own are Ruby Woo, a blue toned bright red, So Chaud, a medium colored orange- it's not too neon and it’s not too dark either, and Chilli, a brick brown-red which is my daily lipstick that I’ll wear to uni or work. All three of these lipsticks are insanely pigmented and the staying power on them is remarkable. I would say that last 5 hours without having to reapply. And with a lip liner the lasting power would only increase.

The next matte lipstick I want to purchase is Candy Yum Yum, it’s a hot pink and I think it would be amazing for the summer time!

( Left to Right; Ruby Woo - So Chaud - Chilli )

What is your favorite finish of lipstick? Do you have any matte colors for me to try?

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