Friday, January 18, 2013

Review: fresh Sugar Lip Balms

Best lip balms ever? I think so! Being a Sephora beauty insider there are special perks such as getting certain sample/mini products when you reach 100 points, 500 points or on your birthday. This year I received a fresh Sugar lips lip balm minis! They are so cute and tiny! They are also so smooth and buttery! Around the holiday season they had a gift set or 2 but a full size for one of these is 26$ Canadian. Quite expensive for a lip balm, I know! They do last quite a long time, and although you could find other alternatives such as a Burts Bee's tints lip balm or a Baby lips chapstick the quality would not compare. They  have 7 types of Lip care treatment balm that you can have a look at here. Most of their other products are sold at Sephora, but if you have a Beauty Insider card and its close to your birthday or it just passed, I would highly recommend you go to Sephora to pick up your little gift! 

Have you tried any of the fresh products? What did you think about them?!


amkdd said...

I absolutely love these!I too got them as a BI perk and am so tempted to buy the full size original! Not the biggest fan of the rose tint but non the less the consistency of these lip balms are god sent haha :)


Josie said...

Fresh lip balms are pretty much impossible to get hold of in the UK, I really want to try the original!

I just managed to get my hands on a sample size of the rose balm so I can't wait to give it a go x


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%, so tempted to buy a full size! They have so many to choose from :( ahah #brokelife!

Anonymous said...

You'll seriously fall in love with it once you try it! I'm sure you could order it online somewhere!! :)