Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Setting the Tone an #ootd

It's been an interesting first week back at uni. I keep reminding myself that I have 3 crazy semesters left and it's going to go by so quickly. 
  • Some great advice I took note of in my Product Development class from a professor who I've never had before was "You create your own good luck". I've translated this thought into: You make your own opportunities happen, and if you do it often and do it well the people who notice will see it as luck because they aren't creating those situations for themselves.
  • Having the opportunity to intern for a semester of my degree is a bigger deal then I realized it to be. A reassuring podcast talk that Sophia Amoruso had with her VP of Design, Sarah Wilkinson really made me aware that having a work placement in the industry before graduation is going to really expose me to how things run. Apparently people who aspire to be in fashion can get stuck interning over and over and find it hard to transition into a work situation without being known as an "intern".
  • I'm trying to arrange an event on how to Brand Yourself. I think as a Fashion Student I get lost in the transition of how certain things I'm learning will benefit me in coming years. I want to achieve a high level skill of networking, being able to put myself out there and communicate with people in the industry that I want to work with. 
Happy Hump-day.

Basically XXI, Belt is Wilfred, Tote is from Italy.

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