Saturday, January 2, 2016

*Pop Fizz Clink* an #ootd

There's some things I need to tell you 2016...

I'm not making any promises about this year, I'm not going to commit to a plan of good habits because I'm not going to magically stop picking at my nails, or spending money on materialistic items or buy a bagel almost every day of the week when the semester commences, because lord knows when those early mornings and late nights start i'm going to need them. A new year is just another day with the date changed and if I ever meet anyone that's made a resolution and kept it up, i'll be sure to buy them a cup of coffee. You have to look inside yourself if you want to change, don't look for a new date to do that, because you can decide to start fresh anytime you want. For now, here's to my continuation of leadership skills, trying new things, and somewhat consistent blog posts. 

Denim Jacket, Talula (Aritzia); Sweater & Shoes, XXI; Jeans, TOPSHOP; Bag, Bloomingdale's; Silk Shirt (Under), Thrifted at Beacon's Closet in New York

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