Thursday, February 4, 2016

File Away an #ootd

To say that there's been a lot on my plate is an understatement. 

Wow I've missed blogging. 
Shoutout to Liz <3 for taking these amazing photos! Check out her blog here & her amazing line of swimsuits here!

Three more semesters of this crazy intense program to go, and it might seem like a long time (i'll be producing my final collection this time next year) but it's not and all that's been going though my head has been, what do I want to do after graduation...What do I really want to do with my life.. 
With internship happening right now and my sporadic work schedule, my mind is a mess. Not to mention my desktop is messy with files from 5 different programs and documents that I have yet to back up and file away. Kind of represents my thoughts right now; sub categories upon subjects that need to be filed away, documents with works of progress and misnamed files.

Goals for this weekend: Finish project, clean desktop and file away complaints. 

Pleather Jacket, GUESS; Tunic, COMMUNITY; Leggings, Lululemon; Shoes, The Bay 

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