Monday, June 30, 2014

My kinda Silverware.

Left to Right
Rose ring from Avon (I don't even know how old this is)
Lotus ring from a flea market in Brooklyn NY
Fox & Navy stone rings from Forever 21
Left to Right
Both silver bands found at my parents work, It just happened to be luck that I love them both
"Humming Bird" ring from my friend who thought it suited my personality (not sure where she bought this from)

I don't think I was ever really into jewelry when I was in High School. I basically stuck to earrings and a bracelet or necklace here or there but nothing to wild. Ever since the summer I graduated high school I became obsessed with silver hand jewelry, in specific, rings. Silver rings especially, to me, add a cool, care free but chic vibe and can make your hands look a bit more interesting.

When I first dove into wearing rings, I was o b s e s s e d with cocktail rings, I still have them all. And I still love a few of them. But as I began to develop my style more I noticed that they weren't such an investment piece as they were just for fun (I'm a huge quality over quantity-kinda shopper). They were getting tarnished easily because I'd wear them in water (washing my hands) and I just didn't like the idea of buying more. I just wanted a few good ones that I could wear all the time.

Since that time I've really gotten my act together and sorted out a good range of silver rings that I can wear everyday and feel as if they have completed my outfit. Of course you're all probably like "But Jess, there's 2 silver rings from XXI?!" well, I couldn't completely cut Forever 21 rings out cold turkey. They are just so lovely! But all the rest are plated silver or are sterling silver or don't tarnish under water. Yay!

Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry? Or colorful?