Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How vampy is too vampy..

This is the Sephora brand Lip Cream Stain in 07. I really wish I knew the name of it. It probably says somewhere on the website but anyhow, it's pretty amazing!

I've been looking at buying a really dark purple lipstick for a very long time and after running out of luck drugstore after drugstore, I decided to go to Sephora.... I guess it's a very weird thing to be looking for a dark purple lipstick in the Summer, because there was nothing but this one cream stain that came close to what I was looking for. 

So what I was looking for was just a dark purple matte lipstick, and what I bought was a dark purple-reddish-bronze slightly metallic semi-cream lip stain.

It works alright, I HATE that it comes with a doe foot applicator. How am I or anyone supposed to make a precise outline for my lips with a fuzzy little applicator- So I line my lips with a lip liner for a guide. This product also doesn't stain my lips. It's more of a really stay put cream because it will come off on a glass or wipe off on skin or clothes- So I blot it like I would if it were a lipstick

Overall, I like it, maybe like a 7/10. The color is growing on me. It kind of changes color in different lights, I guess that's the metallic being put into action.

What's your favorite stain lip brand & color? 

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