Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eye shadow look

I thought you guys would enjoy what look i've been wearing on my eyes lately so here it is in 4 easy steps!

* I used the original Naked palette and the Naked Basics so i'll be referring to those shadows

1. I mixed Naked and Naked 2 and applied that all over my lids

2. I then mixed Buck and Faint with a fluffy blending brush and with a light hand, applied that to my outer corner (outer 'V') and half way thought my crease

3. I took Walk of Shame and Foxy and applied that as my inner corner highlight and applied it also to the very inner part of my lids

4. I then took a really dense eye shadow brush and blended all around the edges so that the harsh lines looked faded

Apply eyeliner and mascara and c'est fini!!

Try it out and leave a picture for me to see? :)

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