Sunday, December 23, 2012

Following Your Dreams & Moving Forward

I've recently been thinking a lot about my dreams. Having them, goals reaching towards them, and pursuing them. These are just a few of my thoughts that have been passing through my mind. How am I supposed to more forward in my life with negative comments, or what happens if my dreams don't come true? The truth is, YOU can change your dreams and goals and expectations to fit your lifestyle. As long as you're striving to get something and be successful and happy in life, that could be your dream.

I had a huge problem in high school with certain friends not taking my dream, which is to pursue a career in the fashion industry seriously, and it really brought me down that people would think it was an unrealistic goal and that it wouldn't make good income. I am fortunate to have parents that really support my dream of fashion and that see potential in me. As for the friends that brought me down (there were just a few, but it still really bothered me) I knew they were wrong and that I could be very happy, and very successful in the field of fashion.

I keep dreaming each moment I can about living in New York City or flying to Paris for Fashion Week and to be honest I can't judge if this dream will come true or not. I can only hope that the progress I am making now is enough to make my dreams come true.

Moving forward with negative attitudes was also a difficult transition to go though. I really couldn't accept what some of these people were telling me!! Moving on also means letting go. Now, this could mean letting go of that negative person, maybe an unrealistic dream or just that certain comment that has you changing your initial dream. Whatever if may be I hope that you all move forward in this new year and don't let negative comments, people or perceptions change who you can become.

These are just a few pictures off of my Tumblr that have to do with dreams.

"Life is NOT about finding yourself, it's about making yourself."

"It doesn't have to be a new year for a new beginning" 

This video below is by one of my favorite youtubers. She talks about dreams and moving forward and heading into the new year :) Enjoy

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