Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Positive thoughts only an #ootd

I'm not exactly a natural born net-worker, but I've recently began to pull together different moments from the past three years of my life that have happened due to the connections I've made with my peers and faculty. Sometimes I think people pursuing an education forget that their professors are the first connection to industry and that their peers are second. I was lucky enough to make a friend who connected me with an industry level job this summer, I have a good shot at getting my work practicum placement at the 1st company of my choice because of another amazing friend and earlier this summer I got to experience an educational adventure in New York and Italy because of a faculty suggestion.

The other day my friend said to me, (loosely phrased like this) "It's because I'm friends with you that I know people in all 4 of the years of this degree." I feel so accomplished when I receive comments like this. I just feel like i'm meant to do this even more.

You know it's shot on an iPhone when

Cardi, Community from Aritzia; Top, ZARA; Leggings, TNA; Shoes, Coach

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Kathrine Ottander said...

Amazing outfit. Love everything about it :D