Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nasty Gal lipstick by MAC

Hello friends,

In extreme style I'm blogging fashionably late.

I have managed to make it though another semester of my high active and intense fashion degree. Earlier this past winter (crunch time at Uni) I ended up catching a bug & missed quite a bit of school and it felt like running a marathon trying to catch up to all the work i'd missed. Good news is that i'm almost 100% and I've finally caught up on the things that I had missed and finished this semester!

It was also my birthday this past week so I treated myself to the three Nasty Gal Mac Lipsticks. Just about screeched when I got the mail. Thought I would do a little review because doesn't the world wide web need another?

The bright, red, is basically like Ruby Woo (the greatest red ever) and because I was running quite low on Ruby Woo I decided to put this in my basket. It’s stunning and basically the same, and so perfect for Christmas.

The perfect dark red. (Similar to Diva) 

This is the showstopper, the perfect purple, I tried searching for a dark purple lipstick in the summer, I didn't want to buy a color that looks like black because that's a little too Gothic for my liking. In the summer I ended up buying the Sephora cream lip stain in 07 and although I love it, it has a little metallic shimmer to it. Gunner is the perfect dark purple, it doesn't look black and it's not pinky what-so-ever. If I only had to buy one out of this collection, this would be it!

Sophia Amoruso is such a power house
Did you purchase any of the collection? What do you like the best?

Okay, time to schedule some posts this week and catch up on all the blogging i've missed

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