Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"You're not just a pretty face" an #ootd

Denim jacket, Bongo; T-shirt, Universal Studios; Jeans, Zara Basics; Shoes, Nike

Casual pony toss

One thing that I've heard a lot over the past year is the phrase "So, you're not just a pretty face!". There are two ways of taking this and I obviously take it as a compliment seeing as how i'm an optimist. I think it's really easy with compliments like this, to be put of because someone may see you as being not as intelligent for a certain position....but that's all the more reason to show them that you're more then what they know. 

 Take a look at the old tale about the Scorpion and the frog. It's just humans' nature to make assumptions. 

You should probably be somewhere where you want to work hard, work successfully and gain confidence and I think that this saying or phrase (or anything that's said like this) is just a way of showing your smarts and having them recognized.

Not sure if that even made sense.
Late post. 
It's great to be working in the showroom again.

A penny (or nickle) for your thoughts?

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