Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Cut.

After the numerous times I said that I would never cut my hair short again....I did. 
But I have a legit reason, I swear! 

You see, the ends of my hair, my ombre, my dip dye-whatever you want to call it, were a) Just too damaged, b) Never felt like being in a curl, and c) It was beginning to be such a pain to take care of. After I got back from my trip to the Big Apple I felt like my wardrobe got a boost, my attitude got a shake and I just felt like I needed to do something crazy with my appearance, but not too wild. So I did what any girl does after a major break up (I was devastated to leave New York, it was very serious, I was truly heart broken) I changed my hair.

And I love it. The length was mostly inspired by Summer and my home girl, Kylie Jenner. (Yes, I  do refer to Kylie as my home girl)

So here it is, my new hair. The before and after:

Before photo: Top, XXI: Plaid Shirt TNA
After Photo: Top, Wilfred; Lips, mac Ruby Woo

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