Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Coffee, Tacos and May

I've been absent for a month or so, but I've got some solid reasons why I've not posted, I promise.
As my Spring semester at Uni ended I celebrated my older friends graduations. I must admit, I've gone out dancing one too many times in the month of April, I was so busy having fun and truly living in the moment, watching all the people I admire and look up to graduate from uni - I got so inspired. I've been collecting images, and color references, and name ideas that will all to go towards my final thesis collection which I begin developing in the Fall.
Today though was a great little day. I had a conversation about the purpose of design and creation over coffee, watched The First Monday In May and relived walking around the exhibition last May (China: Through The Looking Glass AND I would pay to watch it again), and ate some delicious tacos. It's days like this that I really appreciate spending one on one time with friends.  

2 more things, I'm obsessed with VIEWS, Drake is bae. I also made a pretty bomb playlist and you should have a listen:

Buro Vanilla Latte is a yes, so is POOL.

Cotrolla - Feel No Ways - Child's Play , on repeat

Memories of New York, I would do anything to go back this Summer...

Tacofino has changed my life, thank you Sisi 

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