Monday, February 22, 2016

endless weekend

It's that time of year, reading week a.k.a. procrastinate week. Joking, I've actually got a game plan for my homework & work schedule this week.
I've totally got this, I swear.

This weekend (yes i'm including Monday) was quite productive, there was tons of quality time with friends, dancing, eating and no shopping - thank god. I even ended up talking to a friend who moved to Europe after high-school, then talked to two girls in my program who are currently abroad in Taipei. Anyways, scroll down to see the weekend life that I lived.

Here's a song I've been loving, have a listen 

Friendship Friday. Noella - Valentina, Check.

I mean, it was in a glass tea cup. All the class, for one little glass.

A late night stroll after a night of dancing, stumbled upon this.

GLOWBAL. The food was delicious, the interior was glamorous. I need an excuse to go back 

Ended up getting the Raspberry Macaroon and Chocolate Pistachio Cake at NOSH. Yum, Sister Saturday was a success.

Skip to Monday where I did homework in a Starbucks as a waited for my friend. (That Self Evaluation that I'm writing, yes, it does say A range)

Took a little peak into a few shops in Gastown. Adore The Latest Scoop!

Grilled Romaine at the Pourhouse, it can never do me wrong.

You can never pass up a good shot of the city.

Monday's retail research was more fun then expected. The makeup section always makes me drool.

To finish of this magnificent Monday we treated ourselves to this chocolate paradise in Nordstrom 

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