Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Replenish & Stuff

It's about that time where the semester has finally ended and i'm not sure about you, but I know that all that crazy stress has shown through on my skin.

To combat the weirdness, I've been using the Vitamin C Reviver Duo from the Body Shop. I don't use the step 2 (eye cream) as much as I use the Step 1 which is a roller ball applicator with a serum that cools my under eye area and just feels good. Is this doing anything for my skin? Not sure, I don't have puffy under eyes but I can say that the area around my eye feels prep'd for makeup and feels refreshed in the morning

Good ol' Vaseline has been helping me out with a bunch lately, I saw a post (several posts) on Pinterest with Vaseline hacks and its great. If you're not already using it to buff onto dry skin you need to. You should also start using it in replace of your brow gel, put down fly-away hair, and even use as a base to intensify eye shadows.

This is my first Burt's Bees lip balm, it's scent is Grapefruit, which I seam to be obsessed with at the moment, and the function of this balm is "refreshing". It smells like heaven and if I'm not wearing lipstick this is what I have on.

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