Sunday, March 15, 2015

Got some new Specs

I've literally been waiting to find a good pair of glasses for about a year now. The big problem with this is that I'm  just a little picky. I want something that is unique and classic, and that also suits my personality.

This pair that I have finally become obsessed with is by a brand called Superdry. I believe this company is a UK based brand that uses Japanese and Americana inspired influences.

The lovely frames that I purchased caught my eyes (haha #punny) because it's like a black version of a typical tortoiseshell print. These match to absolutely everything and were a very reasonable price.

I used to wear my previous glasses around the house but I didn't feel very comfortable wearing them out of the house because I didn't really feel myself in them. I am so excited that these new specs have made their way into my life.

Besides that, how are you all? Surviving this semester/year so far?

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