Friday, December 19, 2014

Virtual Domination, seriously

Since the holidays have rolled around I took it upon myself to grab a treat before it was too late.

I'm obsessed with Nars blushes, I own 3 already and I just finished my Laguna bronzer. The reason I invested in this palette was because not only does it come with Laguna, but the other four blush shades (3 blush, 1 highlight) I don't own! Most of the palettes Nars has come out with I feel like I already own a shade so there isn't any use in buying it in another palette (like Desire I feel is always in a blush palette but I own the individual version) or it comes with Orgasm. I don't like the color of Orgasm or Super orgasm, I think its way WAY too shimmery, but maybe I just feel like that because I’m a matte finish type of gal.

This palette is amazing, you're getting your complete money's worth because all the pans are basically the same size if they would be sold separately. Because I enjoy a matte finish I don't use Miss Liberty to highlight, I use it as an eye-shadow. It works amazing, there is no fall-out and it just looks great on the eyelids. I've even gotten a few compliments on it.

So happy I got my hands on this, such a great investment!

Have you looked at this palette or tried any Nars cheek products lately?

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