Saturday, December 20, 2014

Toque an #ootd

A mirror OOTD? Leggo.

So long/short story about my cardigan, I bought it in New York City at Beacon's closet, it’s by Asos, and it was originally a shirt dress type of thing. After wearing it for a bit in the summer I thought, this would look so much better as a drape style cardigan thing. It was easy as taking my seam ripper to the front seam and ripping the seam out (redundant).

Paired with my H&M 13$ sweater that I love and that all my friends love and bought multiples of (you know who you are), my Aritzia leggings, and my TNA toque which was also kind of a daily. since I sliced off the visor part of it then sewed it up so it would look like a proper toque.

Sometimes you got to change things up for the better.

To keep me warm in the cold I got on my trusty Zara coat and a scarf that my sister gave me which I believe is from Forever 21.

How’s your weekend going so far?

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