Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MAC Fall/Winter Lipstick Pick's

Left to Right
Diva-Matte, Chili-Matte, Rebel-Satin, Verve-Matte

Colors in opposite order from picture above
Hello first day of Fall!
To begin this wonderful season and season ahead I decided to do a little MAC fave lipsticks like I did this summer. I do tend to wear darker colors all year around but especially in the colder months. Diva has to be my favorite though. It's a deep rich red that seems like it would be a stand out on any skin tone. Verve is a great everyday brown color and Chili also falls into that everyday wear category. As you probably have noticed I love my matte finish lipsticks and I believe that Rebel was the first satin finished lipstick I owned. I love this lipstick but on it's own it is slightly too pink for my preference so I usually wear it with a plum lipliner to make the color 1. more matte and 2. look darker.

What's your favorite finish of lipsticks? Do you own any of these lovely shades?


Kate said...

I was reading through your blog, as one does, and noticed you wrote "seams" instead of "seems". Was drafting on your mind? ;)

jessica chauhan said...

I think sewing was :p