Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The glory that is, the Kate Spade agenda

Kate Spade NY
August 2014 - December 2015
elastic closure
This glorious agenda was easy to come by, it's chic, trendy, all the other kids are doing it...I know you want to, too.

After watching the bullet journal video (click here if you haven't seen this amazing notebook) I was on a look out for a new method/place to keep track of life and all the exciting this I have going on all the time... Haha* While looking for something downtown the other day with my friend Serena (her blog here) we saw these amazing agendas but were very hesitant to purchase because...who spends 36 dollars on a agenda?

A week or so goes by and my friend Angela (her illustrations here) tells me that she purchased the green ikat Kate Spade agenda. All the more motivation and influence to purchase it myself. So I had a talk with myself that this is going to help me plan out my time better, that I won't pull late nighters for school and that I'll be able to track my school work and social outings with this planner.
And here we are..

This planner is amazing, Uni has not started yet but I know this will be put to good use. Here are more photos of the journal. They have 4/5 patterns that you can choose from, this one just felt right to me.

Oh and I love how every tab page for a new month has a quote on it!

It's separated into 2 sections, 2014 & 2015.
The tabs for the first section are:
2015 & 2016 (mini year calender shown in picture above)
2015 Celebrations
Aug 14 - Dec 14

Second section of tabs are:
Jan 15 - Dec 15

They would have this at any of the larger bookstores you live by. I got mine at Chapters/Indigo. 

What do you guys think? Do you like it, would you invest in a planner?


Unknown said...

Great ideas now tht I will be starting uni next month! Awesome post!

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jessica chauhan said...

I just got back to uni yesterday! It's a really key item for me to have durring the school year