Sunday, March 24, 2013

NARS lovin'

I attended a NARS Masterclass this past Wednesday night. The cost of it was 75$ and that 75$ was redeemable in products! This class was taught by NARS National Trainer Andre Herbert. He was hilarious and taught us a lot about the amazing NARS skincare line. He also taught us selective highlighting and contouring and Francois Nars' signature smokey eye look.

I apologize for not taking pictures at the actual class. It was quite crowded and there was no proper time to pull out my camera! 

Bellow are the two products I had bought and also they gave us a couple samples. One is a sanitizer spray to use on products before applying them to other people and wipes of the same brand; "Beauty So Clean" and the other sample was of the Nars Makeup Removing water.

Top swatch, blush in Liberte
Middle, samples I received
Bottom swatch, eye shadow duo in Mediteranee

I already own a NARS blush in the color Dolce Vita, which is my holy grail blush; but for the up coming Spring and Summer seasons I wanted a more orange-y reddish blush. It was between Liberte and Taos (A much more vibrant red -orange). I decided to go with Liberte because it was a bit more subtle and seemed like it could also be worn in Autumn as well.

All NARS products that I have tried are extremely pigmented and wear for a long time on the skin. The eye shadow duo that I already own is called Kalua Lumpur (I believe that's how you spell it. Its a rose gold and purple shadow duo). Again, I was thinking about colors that would look great for Spring and Summer time and that took minimal effort to apply. This duo, in Mediteranee is AMAZING. They are so opaque and just gorgeous! I've been wearing this ever since Wednesday when I purchased it and I know it'll be a Spring/Summer favorite.

Have you purchased any NARS products recently? What are your favorites!?

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