Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review: Ciate Sequin Manicure Kit

I recently tried out the Ciate Sequin Nail Manicure that I received as a birthday present. It comes with a pot of glitter sequins, a brush to remove excess sequins and the top coat/glue. So basically it turned out better then I had expected, thought I do need to perfect my technique because there was SUCH a crazy amount of glitter on my nails. It lasted for about 5 days before I saw major chipping, which is really really good! There are so many types of designs and ways to use these sequins (using a few or making cool shapes).

You could easily go to Micheals or any other craft store and purchase more glitter/sequins or what ever pleases you, and go to the drugstore and buy a super awesome topcoat and get the same effect for possibily a cheaper price. I'll possibly be purchasing different glitters and textures to do a similar look so keep your eyes pealed for that!

Have you ever tried anything like this with your nails? If so, how did you do it?!

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