Monday, July 14, 2014

Things I'm loving

I don't even know what to write because I literally have spent 2 hours just looking at Google images of this damn puppy. My heart is melted.

2. Fruit Prints.
This one I saw on Instagram by NylonGuysMag. And I just adore fruit! go fruit! Fruit over Veg any day.

3. Neon flower prints.
CuriouserLia is a BABE. I've been following her fashion and style for maybe 4 years now?! I'm obsessed and she is the definition of style.

4. Town
Making plans and actually sticking to them because you know it'll be good. Yes.


footnotes and finds said...

loving the bright floral print shirts! perfect for the summer!

footnotes and finds

genesisfashioncloset said...

Cool post :) nice blog! I love the pink neon shirt!

New post is up check it out and let me know what you think :)

jessica chauhan said...

Exactly my thoughts!

jessica chauhan said...

I think it's cool too!

IN & OUT said...

so cute dog!<3

Anonymous said...

Amazing post,dear!:)
Keep in touch..
xx Antonella

jessica chauhan said...

I know right?!

jessica chauhan said...

Thank you!

Marlen said...

hahaha totally have gotten sucked into looking at tiny puppies on the internet, too. don't worry, you're not alone.and neon flower prints are so amazing- they always catch my eye!

xo marlen
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jessica chauhan said...

Thank god i'm not the only one!