Sunday, February 14, 2016

Two Valentina's please

Who needs a Valentine when I've got a Valentina?

Making up for lost time - A year ago today little Kate was away on exchange having the time of her life. I seriously felt like a part of me was missing when she was gone. It was nice to have a little gal-entines weekend with such a good friend. Went to a movie on Saturday (How to be single- Recommend it 100%) then to the Diamond in our favorite part of the city. Sunday was a spontaneous hang out shesh which consisted of meeting the Bachelorette -Kaitlyn Bristowe and her man, coffee sipping, picture taking and a walk around the city. 

Sunday Style in Times is the perfect way to start a Sunday.

Got real artsy in Yaletown

When you spend Valentines day being single and complicated.

Vintage shopping. I didn't buy anything..I promise

I mean, my cappuccino had a swan on it, it was perfect 

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