Friday, October 23, 2015

work in progress an #ootd & more

Play hard. Everything in life is a process; it’s possible to achieve anything you want in life just by asking yourself to believe in it. Give and take, for example: if you give nothing to the universe, it won’t want to give back anything to you. You may not believe in the powers of God or the Universe or anything for that matter, but give and take doesn’t just have to do with the belief in a system, it has to do with the belief within one’s self, YOURself, and after having regular occurrences of struggle followed by success you will realize, a) how much you have to offer to society, and b) how much the society has to offer to you. Have you ever just sat down and thought about your self-worth? Where you’re going in life and how it is affecting and effecting everything (it’s a load to think about, I know). Well, I can say I successfully tried to plan my future and this thinking has lead to a process of sadness, crying and forgiveness. People deal with most life situations in different ways, for example if something has to be said, I suggest ripping of the band-aid – just do it. Might as well say how you really feel instead of walking around with a dreaded burden on your shoulders. Now, I know several people who would disagree with this because they don’t want to hurt other peoples’ feelings but, when it comes down to it, sometimes, you’ve got to be a little selfish and think about your needs before someone else’s. It is your life after all, take yourself out of the situation, look inside and do the right thing over the easy thing.
Processing your future and paving a path for your future plans is frightening to think about. I think the main reason we get so caught up in planning our future is the realization of possible failure, associated with anger or sadness, associated with money and basically uncertainty.

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