Monday, April 27, 2015

First, we're going to moisturize

At the beginning of any makeup tutorial that you've ever watched, a good beauty guru will tell you that they've moisturized their skin. These three moisturizers work in different ways and are my favorite ones currently.

The Moisture Serge by Clinique is remarkable. I bought it because of all the hype I heard about it from various youtubers & bloggers. I had high expectations and at first I didn't really enjoy the gel formulation but after a couple days something magical happened and I have no idea why I second guessed its brilliant moisturizing abilities. The gel is kind of a medium weight and the jar says you can use it on top of makeup so that's a plus if you plan on taking it around with you.

The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream is of a thick consistency. It's what a typical moisturizer is like. It feels like its working the second you put it on your skin and throughout the day I've noticed that my skin still feels hydrated.

Lastly, the Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion by Clinique is a yellow tone which doesn't show up on your skin at all. I think it's that color to even out the tone of your skin. This moisturizer is the most light weight out of the three. I use this on days where I have time to let this sink it before applying my makeup. Because it's thinner, I tend to use a little more since my skin type is normal-dry.

I'm interested in diving into some higher end cleansers, any recommendations?

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