Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter repair team

Colder months mean dry skin and to prevent that from happening here are my 4 top products I use:

1. Holiday Berry Cream - Beyond Belief 
I walked in to Sally's Beauty Supply just to browse and by the cashier there was this hand cream...for 2$. I couldn't say no to it! It smells like Christmas, and festivity and the holidays. It’s a great little moisturizer and surprising since it was only 2 bucks.

2. Vaseline 
I saw a pin on Pinterest about 13 ways to use Vaseline so I wanted to get the mini tub. Surprisingly there's not an actual difference I could find between the lip therapy and the original. I ended up getting the small one and I've been using it a lot, especially around the sides of my mouth/lip area. 

3. Ultra Repair Cream - First Aid Beauty 
Best moisturizer! Its semi thick I would say and it sinks nicely into the sink without the feeling of it drying out too fast.

4. Blistex 
My dry lip go-to saviour! I wear matte lipsticks all the time so sometimes my lips tend to turn on me. Whenever they are cracked or extra dry I turn to this to make them better and healed.

 Any go-to products you use?

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