Thursday, August 14, 2014

Booky #1

Never have I ever, been one to read. It's not that I don't like to read, I just can't, for the life of me, sit an concentrate on a book for more then 20 minutes. I am a slow reader when It comes to novels, but books about business and fashion I can finish much quicker. Since it is my area of study I can relate to them better and I can usually find ways to get motivated or inspired.

I thought I would take a chance and do a book post because I know people like the books, so i'll give you want you want, alright?

True Whit, by Whitney Port
Okay so The City was one of my favorite reality TV shows to watch. It was more based on Whitney breaking her way into the fashion industry and it was inspiring for me to see how that was happening in a place like New York. I loved her on the show and I like her fashion line (her instagram is on point too!) But this book felt a little immature for me. It clearly says that this book is for girls in their twenty's who are basically figuring out life and how to be more involved in fashion but I just felt like I already knew a lot of what was written. Not to mention the Blackberry style photo collages were a bit of a throw off, I expected more from someone who had a pretty decent reality show. 
I don't want to rate this book because I don't think I'm qualified enough to do so, but if you're like me, into all things fashion and you were a fan of Whitney on The City, I would skip on this one. You could probably find most of the things she talks about on the internet. 

If you have to cry GO OUTSIDE, and other things your mother never told you, by Kelly Cutrone 
YES. I've had this book for several years and yes, thanks to The Hills, I discovered Kelly "mama wolf" Cutrone. Shortly after I got this book I became slightly obsessed with KC. Shes done several interviews and some TED talks and her life is so damn interesting. This book literally took me though a ride asking myself over and over, who am I and what do I want from life. Also things like, what does fashion really mean to me, and how am I going to give back to fashion. Just some of my thoughts while I was reading this. I've read this book twice now and somehow it never fails to teach me something new. It's the best book I've read about the industry, growing as a person, and learning from other peoples experiences.
Thank you Kelly.

I always like books better with out the paper back.

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