Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New York, I love you

I can not even express how much I love this top. I like it, I like it a lot.

First of all, I bought it in New York (Nordstorm Rack) and it wasn't even mine to buy! Kate a.k.a. kateandkouture.weebly.com was debating the purchase and kindly (I love you Kachi) said I could buy it! Yay* This being said, she had like 5 other items she was purchasing because shes a tiger in department stores, jealous of her serious skills.

But I've really been enjoying shirts with different textures. The sleeves and bottom are a very tiny netted material and the rest of the top is a type of polyester that feels silky, and I think the keyhole in the back just adds a little special detail to it.
As you can probably tell, the straps of my bra are showing and to be quite honest I like the way it looks, it just gives the shirt even more detail.

Top, Harlowe and Graham; Jeans, Forever 21; Lips, Relentlessly Red by MAC; Mug, New York City Starbucks

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