Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ellie, darling

Last month I went to the Ellie Goulding concert and she was incredible. I sung my heart out to Figure 8 and reminisced when she sang Guns & Horses. She just looked amazing, and though the gross couple in front of me kept kissing I just looked past that and kept dancing. Watching back on all the videos I took anyone can distinctly hear someone with an off-pitched voice singing...that person is me. Oh how those videos will never see the light of day..or the brightness of technology?... Anyhow you can just imagine her beating her drum and head banging to any song. It was fantastic and she was sweet.

My outfit was pretty basic, pleather jacket, black jeans and a nice-casual-comfy top
And my makeup looked something like this...
I didn't know if it was going to get super muggy and hot in the venue so I did, what is to me, a very natural makeup look, it was going to be dark anyways, and just kept it really simple. 

A simple flick of liner, matte neutral eye shadow and a bright lip which was Candy Yum Yum by MAC. I kept the checks looking pinched-ish and just did my brows like how I always do. Oh, and loads of Telescopic mascara ;) 

I've also been loving my hoop nose ring, makes me feel edgy.

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