Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An awkward introduction

So I turned 18 yesterday. It doesn't really even feel like it was my birthday, though, I am officially an adult and can make big girl choices aha. I recall talking to my High school counselor a few months back. I was talking to her about my future and Uni and just life in general. She had said something along the lines of,

"How old do you think you'll live till?, 80?" she then proceed to make a timeline with her hands and continued to say "You're right here in life" (Like an inch way though the entire timeline of my life) "You have so much time to worry and make mistakes and you are too young to worry about the future so much...

So on my way home from picking up my delicious red velvet cake which I devoured, I make a few calculations on my good ol' Blackberry. If I think i'll live to 80, it would be the year 2074. My mind yelled silently, HOW CRAZY IS THAT? 2074, although the days feel short and sometimes I run out of motivation there will be plenty of time to make progress.

And some advice 

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